Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmastime is Here

Since Christmas was almost upon us we mixed up some gingerbread dough, rolled it out and created gingerbread men. It's been a Christmas tradition since before I can remember and every year people (mostly Sarah) get more and more creative with their cookie designs.

Here's a shot of Andrew intensely rolling out his dough.

Damarise did a great job decorating her cookies. I think this heart of hers was one of my favourite cookies.

Christmas Eve came with a little bit of whiteness. Andrew ran out to enjoy it.

We celebrated Christmas as a family on Christmas Eve. Sarah got me one of my favourite Dr. Seuss books for Christmas and it came with a stuffed Dr. Seuss character. I love it!

Ian and Andrew got matching muscle shirts.

Christmas Day came and all of Dad's side of the family came to Grandma's to celebrate. Sarah and I were excited (regardless of Sarah's face).

Anna and I got to pass out all the Christmas gifts to everyone. We were just a wee bit excited about our job.

Dad, Mom and Dad's younger sister, Aunt Janiece. :)

Grandma and two of her grandsons.

Monday morning we woke to a white covered ground. It was lovely!

My Aunt Cynthia tried to teach us how to knit. One of my "dreams" has been to knit when I'm an elderly lady. And as I began to learn how to knit that dream sort of diminished. Knitting is a lot harder than it looks. But, my old RA, Stacey, visited last night and showed me a different way to knit that is a lot easier, so maybe knitting will become my new hobby... who knows.

Dad's siblings and mom.

They're such a great bunch!

Dad has three sisters and there are three girls in our family, so we got a sister(Aunts) with sisters (Nieces) picture.

The two brothers with the two brothers.

There were a ton of cameras snapping pictures. It was like standing in front of paparazzi.

All the cousins with our amazing Grandma.

On Wednesday we got to go up to the farm. It was a drizzly, foggy day, but we had a good time together as a family despite the weather.

There we have it. An update of what has been happening over Christmas break. Hopefully this will not be the last. Because there is more fun to come.

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