Monday, August 02, 2010

It's like a scene from "I Love Lucy".

I was standing in the kitchen Tuesday evening. Mom had left for New York earlier that morning. This meant that Damarise and I were now in charge of Mom's stuff, ie. starting the dishwasher, doing laundry, cooking meals, etc. I had just finished the dishes from dinner and realized that the dishwasher needed to be started. So, I poured in the dish soap, closed up the dishwasher, and pressed start.

Next thing I know, Andrew is in my room saying, "Hannah, I think you should come down to the kitchen and see something." The picture on the left is the scene I saw, only, imagine more suds. They were pouring out of everywhere. I could not believe it! Andrew and I quickly got the suds mopped up and then placed a bucket under the dishwasher to catch the rest of the suds. I had a Bible Study that night, so I didn't stick around to see how the dishwasher did. Andrew was a dear and cleaned up the mess from the dishwasher while I was gone. He ended up bailing out soap suds from the dishwasher because the bucket that we placed under the dishwasher was filling up to fast. He was a huge helper :)

Fast forward to the following day. Damarise did dishes that night and she started the dishwasher. From what she told me, we both did the exact same thing, but when she started the dishwasher it ran fine. No soapy suds came gushing out of the machine. I began to wonder what I possibly could have done wrong.

Friday afternoon the dishwasher was full yet again, and Andrew and I were the only ones home. So, I braved starting the dishwasher. I filled it up, shut it, and pressed the start button. Within minutes we were back to what happened Tuesday evening. The tile floor was beginning to look like a snow covered floor and this time the suds would not stop. Andrew was once again a huge helper and swept the floor for me that way I could mop the floor with all the suds pouring out. It worked well. Eventually the dishwasher went to dry mode which made Andrew and me rejoice!

Saturday night, Mom was back home. This time she started the dishwasher. Dad told me that I should watch her to see what I was doing wrong. So I watched. Maybe you dishwasher experts have already guessed what I was doing wrong, or noticed what I did wrong in the first paragraph, but for those of you still guessing....

I watched Mom grab a box full of detergent. Wait, wait, wait! A box?! I quickly asked, "Is this the stuff you always use?" She of course replied yes and then asked me what I was using. I grabbed out a bottle of, what I thought, was dishwasher soap. Unfortunately, the bottle only read dish soap. Yes, I'd been using dish soap in the dishwasher, which apparently creates LOADS of soapy suds.

So, for all, or any, of you who ever thought running a dishwasher with normal dish soap would be okay, I'm here to tell you, from experience, that it doesn't quite work. You'll end up with something that, as Dad said, "Looks like a scene from 'I Love Lucy'."

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Siân said...

You made my day! That was funny!