Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wrapping it all up

The travels have ended, we're back home in Missouri, and I, the traveling banana, am now just Hannah banana... no exciting traveling adventures for at least a month. I simply cannot leave you hanging as to how we finished our vacation though, so here are the last few day of our vacation in a nutshell.

Saturday, we went to Telluride, Colorado. Talk about a beautiful town. Telluride is a little town surrounded by snow capped mountains. Everywhere we looked God's creation was surrounding us. It was gorgeous. Telluride also had a free gondola ride up a ski mountain. The gondola ride was so fun. All seven of us would sit in one and wave to people going up or down beside us :) It was great. We also got to visit a tiny ski village. It felt like we were in Europe. I think that town was definitely one of the neatest towns we visited in Colorado.
We found a bright red door in the ski town we visited. Perfect photo op, I think YES!

Monday, was Mom and Dad's 24th wedding anniversary. I am SO thankful that God brought them together and made them my parents :). On their anniversary we went to Arches National Park. Oh! Talk about more of God's amazing creation! The arches that we saw were so stunning and marvelous and they put me in awe of just how amazing God is. What a wonderful creator we serve.
One of the amazing arches that we hiked to. We were pretty excited about it ;)

The rest of the week we spent in Norwood. We had some fun family time together and played a lot of games of monopoly. It was great.
Monopoly fun. Not taken by me. Taken here.

The house that we got to stay in. We were at the top. :)

Thursday we left Norwood, traveled down to Colorado Springs and spent the night there. Friday we left Colorado, drove through Kansas and finally made it back home to Missouri :)

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