Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thursday Thrills

Happy Thursday!

I haven't posted much about life in KC, so here's a few pictures of what part of our Thursday looked like today :)

Andrew and I :) I love my little brother!!!

Ian and I :) I love this little brother too! Although, he's almost not so little anymore :(

What fun brothers!!!

Oh, I mean tough brothers ;)

Say cheese! :D



Uncle Don and Aunt Penny found this turtle and gave it to Sarah to take care of. :) Sarah, of course, loves it!!

I love my little sister! :) And the turtle....

Taco the Turtle! Aren't it's eyes pretty?!

Haha, boys just wanna have fun... in any way possible!

Little sis, little bro :)

Taco... again :) He's just so pretty!

Oh yay!!! Way to go Andrew!

Sarah and Ian! :D

Damarise made some chocolate chip cookies! With real chocolate chips!!! YUM!! Thank you Damarise!

Mom was emailing Dad :) He comes home tonight from Michigan! Yippy! :D

And there you have it! A glimpse into our Thursday thrills :)

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DadTBull said...

Thanks for posting. I'm on the plane and can't wait to see you! Love you ... Hugs & kisses. Dad