Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hair, Hair, and Oh! more hair!

Yesterday, Grandma treated Damarise, Sarah and I to a haircut :) She took us to a salon and we all got our hair cut, trimmed and layered :) Thanks Grandma!

Damarise was the first one in :)

Sarah :D She can't wait for her turn :)

Woo Hoo!! I'm next! :D

Ta da! Damarise with her finished do :D

Grandma looking at it :)

Next was me :D

Sarah getting her hair washed. (the lady who is doing it went to school with Dad! Woah! Cool!) :D

Sarah's hair getting cut.

Finishing my hair :)

Vwala! :D

Yep... all that hair :D

Was cut to this :)

Sarah getting her hair done :)

Ta dum! :D

Then Grandma took us out to lunch :)

Oooo and Grandma and Sarah won this game! YAY!! :D

Damarise and Sarah :) What beautiful sisters I have eh?

Thank you Grandma for the fun day with you!!!! :D

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