Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last Sunday at SIL

It still hasn't hit me that we really are leaving Nampula soon. This Sunday at SIL was our last Sunday there. It sure didn't feel like it. But we snapped lots of pictures and took loads of videos...For memories sake :) And for blogging too ;)

Here we are waiting for Sarah and Gracie to come back with the key to the conference room. (Where we have the Sunday night fellowship)

Gracie unlocking doors :)

Thomas setting up his drums. He is an amazing drummer! He has been playing for over 3 years now (I think) And just keeps getting better and better at drumming! It's really neat to see him use his talent to praise God! Great work Thomas!

Damarise and Haddie (Esther) Awww!

Andrew setting up the speakers.

Sarah and Haddie drew a picture of Annie... and then blamed it on Damarise and Bethy :P haha...

Me fixing up the slideshow.

My beautiful older sisters. Damarise and Bethy.

Haddie, Bethy and Damarise. God has blessed me abundantly with amazing friends and sisters!

Beverly! :D She's so pretty!

All my lovely sisters!! What can I say? I have the most amazing sisters in the world!

A bunch of girls :) Sarah, Gracie, Beverly, Damarise, Bethy, Celine, Esther

Mr. LePoidevin (Thomas' dad) He has helped us with music ever since we started playing for church. We couldn't do it without him! He tells us when we are going to fast. When we need to sing louder (like ladies with bright red lipstick ;) ) And he encourages us and prays with us. He is a wonderful leader :) Thank you Mr. LePoidevin!

The testing of the sound. We go around the room and test the microphones, piano, drums, bass and guitar to make sure that everything sounds good :)

Benaiah and Andrew... being brothers :P

Singing :)

Haddie :) She videotaped for us since Damarise was doing the piano and I was clicking through the slides :) Thanks so much Haddie for all your help!

Singing and talking about how we should arrange the song :)

After we were done practicing and before church started, Kent sat down to play the piano and got a crowd of lil' boys :) It was SO cute! :D

And that is all for the pictures...and for our last Sunday at SIL. I'm going to miss it!

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