Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on the sicky...

Thank you Lord for good news! We have been through so many ups and downs throughout the last two days. Everywhere from "Ian is improving." to "Ian may be dying.". It has been rough to say the least, but so encouraging to know that God is God! And He is in control of everything!! Everything!! Tonight we got word that Ian had jaundice. We thought it may be because of liver failure. We packed up our bags and got ready to fly out tomorrow. About an hour later Dad called and said the results of Ian's liver tests came back and they were good. Oh thank you God!!! So what's with the jaundice? Well, the jaundice is because... (I may get some of this wrong but I hope you get the gist) the malaria kills all your blood cells and the liver produces blood cells, but because the liver is producing so many blood cells trying to refill his body, there is a "traffic jam". Which caused the jaundice. The Dr. said that everything is looking how he expected and that there have been a LOT worse cases of malaria than what Ian has and they have all walked out of the clinic with no problems! Oh thank you GOD!!!!! Right now Ian is hooked up to tons of machines and whatnot. He is on a respirator, has a catheter, and loads of tubes sticking in and out of him giving him all kinds of fluids and meds. As for us here, right now it looks like just Mom may fly down if Ian keeps improving. Us kids will stay with our other family the Woodrows :) Thank You Lord for Ian's improvement, the wisdom that You gave the Doctors treating him, and for the love and support of friends world wide. Thank you for your love and power!!!!

Here's some pictures from today:

Sunday night and all Monday morning (we pulled an all nighter... the first one I've ever done) we crashed at the LePoidevins. They live directly across from the clinic and generously opened their home to us. Us kids stayed there and the Woodrow kids (except Benaiah) came to stay with us! It was so nice to be there with Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. LP, Kent, Bethy, Gracie, and Andrew. They were all a huge encouragement to us four and prayed with us, sang, shared verses and gave hugs :) Thank you!!! After a long night, we waited for Ian to be moved to the airplane. The Drs. first had to stabilize Ian. It took them a while.

This is the group of amazing encouraging teens who took us under their wings and comforted us all night long. Kent, Damarise and lil' Andrew are missing from this pic. 

The clinic where Ian was at. 

Around 7:30am they got Ian stabilized and the ambulance drove him to the airport. We got to go onto the tarmac and watch them unload Ian. (we also got to touch the wing of an airplane :) ) 

They unloaded Ian and I was not expecting him to look like that. He was covered in wires and tubes :( It was really hard for all of us to see him like that. Especially Andrew. Please pray for Andrew as it is really really hard on him to see Ian (his big strong older brother) so sick. Thank you!

They loaded him up into the airplane. (and the pilots were all saying how light he was and it was so much easier to lift that the 300lb. person last time :P) 

And away they went. 

Thank you everyone for your prayers, love, emails, encouragement, and everything else that you have showered us in these last few days! It is only because of God's grace that we've made it through these days. Thank you everyone for your prayers!!!


Susan said...

we needed that update. we will keep praying. love, aunt sue

Hannah Marie said...

Thank you for your prayers!!