Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday :)

Damarise had the camera out for most of Sunday, so I thought I'd post some pictures and tell about our Sunday :)

After church time we ate lunch... and filled out application stuff :P

After lunch we went to SIL to practice music :) Thomas was back from Norway! Yeah!! 

Kent and Andrew played guitar and bass.

Then Damarise and Esther went out looking for flowers to take pictures of. 

I love this picture of Esther smelling the flowers!!

One of God's beautiful flowers!

Haha, Esther and Elijah by Elijah's dirt bike. 

Ian, Elijah and Andrew by Elijah's dirt bike :)

Cool number thing on a car 

Damarise, Esther and I :D

Some lock thing on the office of SIL... don't worry we didn't mess with it :P 

Esther and I in Ms. Peggy's lawn. Her grass is SO green!!

Pretty yellow bushes. 

Esther was going all around SIL trying to find a tree to climb :) She did eventually find one :D

A cool nail shot :) Yah.... my sis is a great photographer! :D

Anywho, that's all the pics from my Sunday :) Later on that night we got rain!!! It hasn't rained here for over a week which has made everything very dry and HOT! So, last night, when it poured and got cold we were praising the Lord!!! Thank you for the rain!!! :D It was a wonderful way to end the day!

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