Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ian is in the clinic right now. (the clinic is better than the hospital). WOAH! What?! I know that was my first response. I just found out. PLEASE PRAY!!! I guess the malaria meds weren't working and we was too weak to stand up (he has been pukeing up the malaria meds since yesterday and we've been trying to get them to stay down.) He is now in the clinic... which is more like a hospital with IVs in him giving him salts and sugars and quinine (sp?) a malaria treatment. The Drs. said that about half is blood is gone. The effects of the malaria, which means that it has gotten really far. Please pray!!! We know the Great Physician can heal anything! Thank you!


Damarise, Sarah, Andrew and I just got back from visiting Ian. The Drs. have given him something to dull the pain and Ian is in and out of it all the time. It's really sad to see him so weak and sick :( The Drs. also said that Ian's blood count which is supposed to be at 400 at the highest or 150 at the lowest was at 65! WOAH!!! I'm not sure what that means but it sounds really bad! They have him hooked up to all kinds of stuff. Dad said that Ian would be at the clinic most of today (Sunday) Please keep praying for him!! And for Mom and Dad too... they haven't been getting much sleep since all this began Thursday so I'm sure they are completely warn out. THANK YOU!

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