Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ian Update... Please pray!!

Ian is going to South Africa. Mom and Dad just said that he has a flight coming up to take him dow there. Please pray for safe travels. It is pouring rain here right now. Mr. Lep (a MAF pilot here) said that the Medical plane goes really fast... so it would take him about 2 hours to get to South Africa. :) Yeah! As of now, Ian is still in the clinic and in a lot of pain. The Drs. had to put a cathadar (sp?) in him because his kidneys weren't letting out any fluids. He couldn't have pain killers for that though because the Drs. needed him to be awake to make sure his brain was still functioning. It's really tough to see him in so much pain. Please keep praying for him! We are blessed to have the missionary community here. They have taken us under their wings and showered us immensley in love, prayers and comfort. Thank you for your prayers!!

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