Saturday, January 24, 2009

He's Talking!!!

Wow!! God is good!!! He is wonderful and gracious!! He is a God so powerful none of us could even imagine. He is God!!! He works miracles!! And we have gotten to see His mighty hand at work this last week in so SO many amazing ways!! Wednesday afternoon, we got word that Ian probably wouldn't make it. He hadn't come out of the coma and it had been over 36 hours. We cried out to God in prayer and He not only heard our cry, but the cry of thousands of people all over the world who have been praying. It's SO amazing!!! By Wednesday night Ian had moved his leg!! We were rejoicing and praising God for this small yet huge improvement! By Thursday morning Mom and Dad text again saying that Ian had opened his eyes!!! WOW!!! And by Thursday afternoon he had spoken!!! I'm just gunna say what Dad said in his text :) ,"Still no neuro exam, but Ian is moving all over trying to get out all the lines (he his full of lines, wires and tubes). He can't sit up, but it is amazing to see all he can do! He still can't get out words but he tries. He whispered, "Why am I here Dad?" and Oupa Stolk asked if Ian wanted to go shoot and airgun, Ian whispered, "Yes!" Hehehe sounds like the same old Ian :) God is SO good!!! Nothing, absolutely NOTHING is too difficult for Him!! Last night Mom and Dad called. It was SO nice to hear their voices. They sound SO overjoyed! :D Oh thank you Lord! This morning Dad text again and said that, "Ian is sleeping most of the time. This morning he whispered one word answers and did many movements on command. Besides verifying his brain function we pray his platelet count will rise. It dropped yesterday to 50K (i'm not sure what this means... sorry) and the Dr. wasn't sure why. It should be at 140K. He's very weak. We remain prostrate before God is praise.His blood pressure was far below critical level for many hours and the Dr. assured us more than 1 hour with that low of blood pressure will result in brain damage. God's miracle!!!" Yes it sure is!!! God has answered SO many, many prayers!!! He is amazing!!! Thank you guys for all your prayers for Ian! God is answering them in amazing ways!!! please continue to pray for Ian's complete healing. Nothing is too dificult with God!!


Sorry that was supposed to post yesterday. Here is an update from today. Ian got to sit in a chair this morning, but he was way to weak and just sort of slumped down :( He's getting a blood transfusion Monday. And he is answering more questions and following commands. It is a slow healing process, but God is an amazing God and he has already worked SO many many miracles. :) Thank you all for praying for Ian. We are praying still for complete brain function and and healing physically. God is good and all powerful and we are putting all of our trust in Him and Him alone. He is AMAZING!!! Thank you to everyone for your prayers for Ian and thank you God for the amazing way You have answered them. God is good... God is good!


Belinda said...

Praise the Lord, praise His holy name. We are the Dickeys, friends of the Woodrows from San Antonio. We have been praying for Ian's healing as well as for the rest of the family. We will continue to pray and to rejoice in His works. Please hug the Woodrows for us, and keep posting; you are such an encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Great God of Wonders for how you are being glorified in the life of the Turnbull family. Bob and I have gotten to know Ken and family through Jim Elliff, our pastor and we have a tenderness in our hearts for the Turnbulls and your ministry in Africa. Thank you, thank you for your post. We've been praying and wondering. Love to you, Karen and Bob Eppler

Sian Draycott said...

Wonderful, wonderful!

Sarah F from the rebelution said...

Awesome! I have been praying for you guys almost nonstop!