Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My 17th Birthday!

I'm seventeen! Boy, that seems strange to say. But yes, today I entered into another double digit number, seventeen. It was a wonderful day, thanks to my amazing family who did everything they could to make it a special day. Thank you family! Well, I promised I'd tell everyone about my day, so here it is...

I came out for breakfast and there was a crown at my seat :) Awww! Mom had gotten it for me to wear during the day :) 

On our birthdays we get to pick out our birthday breakfast, dinner, and dessert. I asked for bagels, but they take a long time to make, so Mom made them for lunch instead. Mmm, they were delicious! 

Thank you Mom! They were amazing!! They tasted just like bagels! Mmm.

In the afternoon the Roger kids and Ms. Charity came by to say Happy Birthday :) 

Then dinner time! Mmm. 
Chicken Cheese Quesadillas with guacamole, cheese, sour cream and salsa. :) Yum!

By the end of dinner we were all stuffed to the brim! So we opened presents before we had dessert. :P

Sarah had to read me her card because I wasn't reading it right :P hehe...

Awww! She got me this adorable cup!

Reading Ian's card. 

He got me a hat! I love it!!!

Mom does too :) hehe.

Andrew's present was hard to open. Way to pile on the tape Andrew :P But his card was really sweet so it made up for it :) 

Yah, still trying to get it open :) Thank you Ian for your pocket knife :D

Are those cute or what?? Andrew has good taste :D 

Opening up Mom and Dad's gifts :)

Thank you Dad!!

Thank you Mom!!

Thanks Damarise!!

Thanks Sarah!!

Thank you Ian!!

And last but not least, Thanks Andrew!!

Time for cake :) (that's actually not the cake we ate... we just needed something to stick the candles into ;) ) 

"And she huffed, and she puffed, and she blew them all out :D"

Ta dum! :D

Ian waiting for cake :P

Sarah... wondering if she wants cake ;)

Andrew trying on my hair thing... hmmm...

Damarise made me this amazing cake!!! The bottom layer was brownie (Which we never could get out of the pan... ) Then she mixed peanut butter, chocolate, and rice krispies. Let that harden then mixed it in with vanilla ice cream! YUM!!! Thank you Damarise!!!

The first scoop she got out flung up and hit Dad :P hehe...


All in all, I had a lovely birthday! Thank you all for everything you did for it as well! All the sweet birthday notes and emails :) It was a very special day! :D

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