Monday, December 08, 2008

Long time...

Wow! I am so sorry I haven't updated in a while! Time is just going by way to fast. Since I haven't updated for about a week, I think an update is due. So how about random things happening in my life right now :)

1. I finished my family Christmas shopping on Thursday! Yay! I am so happy! :)

2. I read a hilarious book on Tuesday! Damarise and I were babysitting the Kern and Morrison kids and I read this book about three time and laughed each time :) It's great!

3. Not sure if I already said this but Damarise and I have bought our tickets to go see Ruth! Yeah! It's a sure thing now! :) 

4. Well, the rest of what I will say deserves it's own blog post... 

So until then,
tchau :)

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