Monday, December 01, 2008

Graduation Cards...

Need graduation cards–or any cards at that? It's easy here. There is a guy who makes cards (whatever type you want) and brings them straight to your house for you to buy. He does an amazing job. Using only sticks, grass, glue and paper he transforms a blank piece of paper into a masterpiece. 

He came by the other day selling Christmas cards, and asked us if we wanted any other type of card. I realized that most of my friends are graduating this year, so I thought I'd ask for graduation cards. Mom gave him the tab at the top of this sheet of stickers to show him what we wanted. 

This morning he came by with this:

Hahaha! Oh me oh my! We had a hard laugh! He copied the tab off of the stickers perfectly. Word for word. :P He had no idea what he was saying since it was in English. :P Haha!! We bought them cause they were just too funny! But don't worry all of you people who are graduating this year and might be getting a card, we asked him to make some without the "Stickers Smile Face" :D Hehe...

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