Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving with the Woodrows

For Thanksgiving on Thursday we got to go to the Woodrows to celebrate and give thanks with them. It was a wonderful time, but sadly, we forgot to take pictures. Whoopsie dasies! I guess we were having to much fun ;) Anyways, if you feel like just reading about it, here it goes. :) 

We got to the Woodrows around 11:30am, and found our place to sit. :) Finding a place to sit for Thanksgiving is fun. We did the same thing at Christmas too. Uncle Charles had drawn a picture on 14 cards and each place setting had a Bible reference on it. We had to look up the verses in the Bible until we found the one that matched our picture. It's a creative way to mix things up a bit and get seated :) Anywho, after that Uncle Charles told us the Thanksgiving story. It was really neat to hear. I hadn't heard all the history before... or maybe I had, but I had forgotten it :P After the story came the food! Mmm Mmm Good! We had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, gravy, stuffing, salad, olives, pickles, cranberry sauce, and rolls. I'm still stuffed from all of the good food :P After we ate our fill we went around the table and read our verse that was on our place setting. Then we had 5 minutes to write out things we were thankful for. There is SO much!! Anywho, that was really fun. And funny to hear some of the things people put. Toilet paper was on a majority of the lists :P hehe. After hearing all the lists we prayed and gave thanks to God. It was really nice to have that special time just to thank God for everything He is and does. When we were done Mom and Dad went into one of their rooms to rest (they're still getting over some sickness) While they rested up the rest of us played "I've got a secret". There's three teams, one person picks something off their thankful list and that is their secret. Everyone else then tries to guess it but only with 21 questions. :P It was fun... although there were some long ones. (whoops... who knew the stamps in a passport could be so hard to guess :P Haha, but I really am thankful for them! :) )  After that game we played "Password" We stayed in three different teams. Damarise, Bethy and I were on a team together for all the games, so we made up a team name. At first it was "The 3 Einsteins" for the guessing games but when we played Pictionary we changed our name to "The 3 Einstein Da Vincis" :P Anyways, back to where I was. Oh yes, so we play "Password" A game where one person from each team gets together, decides on a word from anyone's thankful list and then can only use one word to describe it to the team. Aunt Julie, Sarah and Gracie beat us on that one. Then we played "Pictionary" Haha... that was a blast!! Aunt Julie, Sarah and Gracie won that one too! They were good! ... After all the games came dessert. Mmm, homemade ice cream, pumpkin pie and apple pie! Yum! It was delicious!!! After dessert when the parents sat around and talked we Woodbulls played around outside :) We had a fun time play ball games, talking, singing, and us girls were trying to figure out what went on in a guy's mind. Hehe... it was fun! We made lots of great memories and I am so thankful to God for the gift of family and siblings! He blessed me with 2 amazing parents, 5 amazing blood siblings, and 5 amazing adopted siblings!!! Thank you God!! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful day thanking God!!

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