Saturday, November 29, 2008

"It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas..."

Yes it is! We got to decorate our house for Christmas yesterday and today. Here's a glimps at what we did :)

Ian and Andrew set up the tree. 

Our countdown board. (the numbers are from Friday) ;) 

Damarise strung the lights. 

"Oh star of wonder star of light..."

Sarah hung up some ornaments. 

And they stuck sticky things on our cabinets :)

The shelf..

And the other one... 


Dad hammered a nail for us. :D Thanks Dad! 

"O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree..."

Cute snowflakes!!

After we decorated Damarise and I made everyone a frozen chocolate frappaccino type thing :)

Saturday we did an old tradition–build winter Lego houses :)





Damarise and I worked on a house together... turns out it was a beach house... oh well :P




Dad's sign. :D

Ian's house. I loooove his lil' snow guy :D

Sarah's house. How cute are her Christmas lights?!

Damarise's and my house. :P

Andrew's house. 

Mom's little church. 

All the houses together :D

After all the decorating it is definitely, "beginning to look a lot like Christmas."
Happy 26 days until Christmas!

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