Monday, October 20, 2008

The Last Few Days in a Nutshell

I'm sitting, Indian style, on my bed, three pillows tucked under my left arm, the floor fan (which actually isn't on the floor despite the name) blowing on my back, and my brain trying to figure out what to update about. 

Does that ever bug you... when you post a whole bunch of stuff throughout one week and the next you have absolutely no idea what to post about? Well, that's where I am. Just stumped at what to write about on my blog. So, I hope that this post, about the last few days... or just Sunday, doesn't bore you to much :P 

Alright here it is, yesterday was Sunday. We went to church and it was... empty. Well, almost empty. It was funny though! About 80% of the church had gone to the Nazarene Church to celebrate their 100th anniversary with them. That left a few Mozambicans, us, and the Rwandans. All the songs we sing in our church are a cappella. They sound beautiful... when the congregation can pronounce the words. Tee hee hee :P We started to sing one song and none of us except the few Mozambicans could pronounce the words. So us girls and the Rwandan ladies are all trying to keep from laughing cause it just went silent until the chorus which we could all pronounce. It was funny :P 

After church ended we headed on home and the Woodrows picked us up to go to SIL to practice music for that night. Music practice went smoothly. I got to play "And Can It Be?", "Oh Lord You're Beautiful" and "Who am I?". We've been trying to get "I Can Only Imagine" down smoothly... but so far it just hasn't been working out... we've been trying ever since January 2007 :P Maybe one day! Anyways, leading the worship went well and the message afterwards was really good! 

We headed on home after the SIL service and had dinner. The pastor's wife came over to talk to Mom and give us some of the special drink stuff that they have at every big party. :) She said the party was looong! From 9am-3pm! Woah!! ... After she left we all headed for bed... except Dad, Damarise, Mom and I. We stayed up talking in our room 'til 10:30pm when...*Vwoom* the electricity went out. It's rather humorous actually. :P Ok, it was hot! But it's only our little section of the street that goes out. Like 10 houses! It's crazy!! It didn't come back on 'til 9:44am this morning. I was almost wishing it would stay off longer so that we could break our 15 hour record. But oh well :P I'm thankful it came back on when it did! It was getting hot! Although it made me even more thankful that God has us here now instead of way back when the Woodrows were first here. They said that the electricity could be off for 6 months at a time! Woah! I think I'll stop complaining about a few hours! :P 

Well, that is my last couple of days in a nutshell.... And today is Monday :) Yeah! I love Mondays! What a wonderful day of the week! Hehe, ok sorry that was random... but I guess that's what this whole post has been :P 

I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful day! 

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