Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Babysitting the VI kiddies

This morning, Damarise and I got to babysit the Vi kids while the parents had their Wednesday meeting. It was fun fun! We haven't done it in a while, so it was nice to see all the kids again :)

Here's a glimpse at our morning... and some of the wonderful, cute kids that we get to watch.

Renata and Asher Rogers.  They are soo cute! And always smiling! 

The cute crocs. Both the Roger's and Kern's kids had them.

Emily Richardson and Christian Kern entertaining me :)

Awww! My two lil' friends! Renata and Emily! Aren't they cute?!

Asher trying to get past my legs... *Beep, beep*

Renata, Emily and Stefan Paetzold cleaning up around the play house. 

Cohen Kern telling me all about his balls :)

Awwww!!! What adorable feet lil' Christian has! 

And there's his face... Aww... can you give me a smile Christian?

Asher can smile! :)

And Cohen can... hehe.. do a silly face...

Oh! There we go! Cohen can smile!

Emily can smile!

And Renata can smile! *Cute!*

So can you smile now Christian?... Aw... guess not. 

The Babysitters!! :)

Uh oh! Renata found the mud! 

Ok! This is sooo weird! We have babysat at the VI for the last 2 years and never noticed this before. That is a satellite dish covered in vines! Ew! ... I wonder if it works?

Hehe, I was trying Damarise's bandana on Christian.

He's not to sure about it :P

Anyways, there's all the pics from this morning. We had a blast! :D

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greenehouse2003 said...

Hello, Hannah Marie! I loved your pics--you obviously love kids! That is a wonderful gift from God--believe me, it did not come naturally for me--and God had to give me a few of my own before He totally broke through the affects of my worldly beginnings! I so enjoy to see young people loving children! You have a wonderful blog! And I will be praying for the Bergman's. You are right, God is sovereign--and I praise Him for it, because it gives such hope in the face of such 'hopeless' situations as the Bergman's. He is so good to us and brings about His purpose and glory in such ways as we could never imagine. Have you read "Through Gates of Splendor"? It's written by Elisabeth Elliot about her husband and the team who were killed by the Auca indians in S.America. What an excellent book and what an edifying perspective from Elisabeth Elliot--God's sovereignty, in the midst of tragedy. I am praying for the Bergmans. Have a wonderful day and thank you for the sweet comment on my blog--yesterday was my birthday (11th), so it was a nice gift to me, too :).

Warmly, Mrs. G