Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Who turned out the lights?

A couple weeks ago, Damarise, Sarah, Dad, Mom and I were sitting in our room. The boys were in bed. The fans were swirling giving off a cool breeze. The lights were beaming across the room, helping us see each other. It was a normal evening until "Shhzzzz". Silence. Everything went dark. The fans quit spinning. And we all groaned. Oh no, the electricity went out again. We waited a few minutes to see if it would come back on soon, but to no avail. Dad and Mom got up and went to get a flash light. We looked outside to see if it was the whole town that was out or just our street. To our surprise not only was it not the whole town it also wasn't our street either. Everyone's house but ours it seemed had electricity. Now that was odd. Mom and Dad looked around to see if maybe the circuit breakers had blown. Nope they were intact. What else could it be?! Ok ok, before I give it away, let me explain how the electricity works here in Mozambique. We have these boxes on the wall (as seen in the picture) and you have to buy your electricity then type in the number on your receipt into the box and vwala you have as much electricity as you paid for. So, I'm sure you've guessed, we forgot to buy more electricity. No! We were sure the store would be closed by then (it was 9pm). We asked our guard if he would mind seeing if it was still open. It was! :) We were overjoyed! We got a slip with the numbers on it. Typed them in. And electricity was back on. It was a funny experience and hopefully from now on we won't forget to buy electricity when we're low ;) 

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