Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall!

Yes, yes! Today is the very first day of Fall (or Autumn) 2008! Yeah! I love Fall. Well, wait a minute, I love all the seasons (except Summer). Fall is a wonderful time of year. The trees turn colour which in turn turns the whole country into a marvelous canvas painted with Autumn colours, red, orange, maroon, brown. Then the leaves fall off the trees leaving the trees desolate and bare. But now the fun beginnings. Raking (ok, you're right it isn't that much fun.), piling the leaves into piles, and, my favourite, jumping into the piles of leaves! Oh yes, Fall is a wonderful time of year. 

Now, this Fall that I jut described is what I always picture when I think of Fall, but Fall in Mozambique, now that is something totally different. Fall in Mozambique, I wouldn't even call it Fall. The sun is out shining bright as ever. Yes the sunshine is wonderful, beautiful, amazing. It's the heat coming off the sun that is unbearable. Fall is the welcome in day for the hot season. The hot season here is also the rainy season. But before the rains come, we go through two to three months of heat. Hot, boiling, almost unbearable heat. Today is that day! It is hot! It easy to forget how hot it gets here. Even under the fans in our house it is still hot. I feel like I'm melting into a puddle of mush all day :P Anyways, I thought it was really interesting how totally different a season could be on different parts of the world. 

To all of those enjoying the Fall with the changing leaves and barren trees, I hope you have a wonderful first day of Fall 2008! Enjoy the colours, the views, and jumping in the leaf piles! To everyone else who feels like they are melting... I hope you don't! ;)

Happy Fall 2008 everyone!!

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