Friday, August 08, 2008


Today the 2008 Olympics begin in Beijing, China! It's hard to believe that already four years have gone by since the last Summer Olympics.

We are here in Africa watching the Olympics and it is quite... African. We turned on our TV at 2:00pm when they were supposed to start and we got to watch the Opening Ceremony! Only watch. The commentators were talking over the music in the beginning and the Chinese national anthem! Then the commentators must be in the same studio as someone with a British accent so we can here them in the background talking English! :) That is so nice for us! But every so often the Portuguese commentator talks over the English person. Oh well, we are in a Portuguese speaking country. Right now, as I'm writing this, the Olympics aren't on the TV. Apparently they had some technical difficulties. :( So we can't see all the countries come into the stadium. We just laugh, this is Africa!

Oh wait! They are back! :D And I'll be off! Hope you all have a wonderful time watching the Opening Ceremony!

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