Friday, August 29, 2008

Beira Missions Trip: The Drive Home

Monday morning we woke up at 4:45am attempting to leave by 6am. 

Everyone woke up with us to help us get things loaded into the cars. We prayed for safe travels for us and all who were going to be flying back home that day. Then we said goodbyes. It was sad. :(

Oh yes. We brushed our teeth too. Can't have stinky breath in the car now can we?

After about six hours of driving we came to the gas station right before the river. We stopped there to have lunch. Cold pizza (not the chili kind! *phew*) and nutella sandwiches. Yum! 

We went to wait at the river till 2pm when the ferry drivers were back from break. It was a hot wait, but finally we got on the ferry! 

We had fun! :)

This is the bridge that they have been working on for... years! It looks like it's getting done faster! Yeah! (There is more to the bridge that needs to be finished not just this lil' part) 

Everyone getting off the ferry. First the trucks, then the cars, and finally the pedestrians. 

After a few hours of driving we stopped for a bathroom break. 

Oh yes, and Esther joined our car after the river. Our car had Sylvia, Esther, Damarise, Kent, Ms. Penny and me. Mrs. Preston's car had Karina, Thomas, Elijah and Gracie. And Mr. Preston's car had a pastor, Ian and Andrew. Our car was so much fun! 

In the middle of the trip Ms. Penny turns around and says, "Ok! Stick your feet out the windows!" We stared at each other, laughed and did exactly what she said! 

I've never done it before! It was so fun! We were cracking up!

We drove down the road with our feet out and Ms. Penny beeping the horn. It rocked! 

Our wonderful driver, Ms. Penny!

We past by some fires in the grass. Scary! 

The sunset was beautiful! 

We stopped at a gas station (you can see it in the back ground) that was really close to the Haug's house. So all of us youth walked to their house. 

Thomas was into the bandana whip thing. He was good at it to!

Everyone was warn out from the trip and just sat on the couch. 

The next day we left around 7am. 

We stopped for lunch on the side of the highway. While there we realized that none of us had ever stood in the middle of a highway. So we hopped right in the middle of it and Kent snapped a picture of us! Cool! 

I have never seen the reflectors on the road up close. So, this was pretty cool to see! 

Eating lunch. Cold pizza! Yum! 

Esther loves it! 

Pajero. The type of car we drove in. 

Aw! Esther and Sylvia! Esther was braiding Sylvia's hair.

Kent took over driving for a little while.

We had a sun roof! 

Girls with braids :)

We won the "Car-that-ate-the-most" prize. 

Esther got tired of being squished so she sat on the ground. 

We were about 30 minutes out of town so we were all texting our parents.

The Backseat Girls.

Our fun car!

Sylvia and I goofing off.

We arrived in Nampula at the SIL compound and unpacked.

Everyone's luggage. 

Kent had been dropped off at his house to pick up their car. He then came to SIL picked us and our luggage up and dropped us off at our houses. 

Here's some highlights, fun, and scary moments of the trip:
  • -When we started off the trip Mrs. Preston had fallen asleep at the wheel. God was protecting her and everyone in her car! She swerved off the road but made it back on without flipping! Kent drove for a lil' while after that. 
  • -Our car loved to sing. We sang praise songs, hymns, patriotic songs, kiddie songs, opera over the bumpy roads, and we sang the whole song of "100 bottles of pop on the wall" all the way from 100 to 0! We were cracking up!
  • -We did the "Roller coaster" in our car. Whenever we would go around a bend we would do an exaggerated lean on whatever side it was. Our seating was from left to right-Damarise, Sylvia, Me, and Esther. We were getting to lean on Esther when all of a sudden she jumps way up and lands on top of all of us! We were all cracking up so bad! 
  • -Dirty hands. Esther had been peeling an orange and needed to wash her hands off. So she rolled down her window and I held my water bottle to her hands. The water sprayed up into her face and got her soaking wet! Haha, you would think we would learn from our mistake, but we tried it again, and got the same result! 
That was the end of our wonderful trip to Beira and back again! What a wonderful week! 

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