Monday, July 21, 2008

"We're going on a mosquito hunt..."

"We're going on a mosquito hunt. We're gunna catch a big one! We're not scared."

Yes, a mosquito hunt it is! :) Mom told Sarah, and anyone else who wants to, that for every mosquito they kill a conto (4 American cents) they will get. Sarah hopped on the opportunity and is now running around the house looking in closets, under beds, and any other place where the mosquitos might possibly be lurking. How many has she slaughtered? Nine! Amazing! And, not cool. It's bad that we have so many in our house! Uh oh! More malaria! But not with "Mosquito Slaughterer Sarah!" :)  Way to go Sarah! Keep up the good work! 

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Sara said...

haha.sounds like fun! lol.the mosquitos here are pretty bad as well...if you go out as it's just getting dark you get eaten alive!! :0 (so we dont go out