Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One sock on and one sock off... or...

This morning my feet were freezing, so on came the socks... problem was, I only had one of each sock :P So I decided to do an experiment. Which sock keeps my foot warmer? I had one brightly coloured striped toe sock and one red and green striped normal sock :) ... My conclusions for which sock kept my foot warmer:

  • 1. The toe sock had thicker material, so my foot was loads warmer in that one.
  • 2. The toe sock also had separate places for my toes, so they weren't together warming each other... that wasn't very good cause in the end my toes were freezing! 
  • 3. The normal sock was thin, so it didn't keep my foot that warm, but having my toes all bunched together made my tosies much warmer.

So in the end... I'd have to go with the normal socks... for everyday use :) If the weather isn't too cold and I felt like wearing something different, I'd totally go for the toe socks :) Anyways, if you're struggling over what type of sock to wear... hehe, there's my opinion :) Haha...

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Damarise Turnbull said...

ooo I would totally go with the toe socks =D