Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Not for weak stomachs

Tuesday night, at youth group, we were playing "Kick the Can". All, or most of, the girls were hiding behind a truck. Well, we were getting kinda bored just sitting there so we decided to make a run for it! :D Next thing I knew we were flying for the can! Sarah fell behind me and Sylvia landed in front of me. And I? Well, my toe felt achey, but I didn't think much of it till I looked down! EEEE OWWW!!! There was blood pouring from it! Ew! And my toe nail looked upside down, inside out, and all turned about!  Anyways, we got home and Dad tried taking the toe nail off, but we decided to just leave it on and wait for it to fall off :) 

The toe nail fell of Tuesday night :) And now I have a scab in place of my toe nail :) Hehe, my toe nails are painted purple, and my scab looks like it is too :) And, the best of all, it doesn't hurt!!! :D

Anyways, it was an interesting experience, but not one I think I'll wanna experience again any time soon :)

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