Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July was a wonderful day! :) In every single way! :) We started off the day by singing all the American songs we could think of at breakfast :) Like, our national anthem, "God Bless America", "America the Beautiful", "My Country Tis of Thee" and I think that's it :) It definitely made everyone feel more patriotic through out the day :) After breakfast we painted nails and got out the water paints :)

Aunt Julie did her own nails! Wow! Don't they look amazing?!

I painted Gracie's face... Hmm it was supposed to be a star... but..  it looked more like a star fish;) hehe..

And Gracie did mine... Now she did one amazin' looking star!!!

We love our country!!! :D

Hehe, then in the afternoon we were all gonna go to the Maddux house for a 4th of July party. So Gracie and Sarah went to work on a strawberry (box mix!!) cake :) Mmmm...

And the icing!!! :D Yum!

Then Gracie painted Andrew's face... she did an amazing job drawing the US on his cheek!

And Sarah drew on lil' Andrew's face! Great flag, Sarah!

Bethy and Damarise put the icing on the cake... and I put the sprinkles on :)

Ta da!

Andrew loves the icing!

The cake in all it's patriotism! :)

And that's how I looked on the 4th of July :)

And Gracie :) Cute cute!

Aunt Julie wrote God Bless USA on Benaiah's cheek. 

And Damarise and Bethy decorated my feet :) hehe.. Thanks guys!

And my hand ... although it came off when I washed it...

Aunt Julie making tortillas ... And her apron is patriotic too! Wow! :)

Then I got to draw stripes on Bethy and Damarise's faces.

:) Andrew, Sarah, Gracie, Ian, Benaiah, and Lil' Andrew had all gone to the Maddux earlier. So, later on Damarise, Bethy, Kent, Aunt Julie and I went :)

Playing a water balloon type volleyball type thing?! :)

Damarise, Bethy and I hung out with the lil' Roger kids :) fun fun!

Aw! :)

Asher and Renata! Aren't the CUTE!

Lil' Andrew popped a balloon on himself... and his paint started to run run run...

It's three Andrews!!!!!! (and Sylvia ;) )

The American Flag! :D 

Gracie's nails! (look at how long they are!!! Wooo Hooo!)

Damarise and Kent getting ready to play horse shoes!

Speaking of shoes... ;)

Aw! I love you both!

Sylvia and Sarah!

Aw! Esther!  So patriotic looking :)


All the American teen girls here :)

Damarise rocked at horse shoes! She horse shoed the pole at least 3 times! wow!

While Kent, Damarise, Bethy and I (Andrew I. for part of the time too) played horse shoes, the other kids played Spud:)

All the kids :)

The sun setting :)

So we decided to head on home..

People were going crazy with the camera ;)


We came home to a wonderful dinner :) Like every night! :) :)  And watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks" :)

And that was our Fourth of July :) It was a wonderful day... in every way :)

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