Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bye Mom!!

Friday, mom left for New York for a month! Wow, it has been hard with her gone. We are all beginning to appreciate Mom a LOT more... i never thought we could appreciate her more, cause we all already appreciated her SO much, but surprise, surprise we do! She does SO much around here, like waking up early to get everyone ready and breakfast made. Settling quarrels. Making people feel welcome in our home. Being a GREAT mother. An amazing listener, even when our long tales of what happened that day are the epitome of boringness:P hehe, ok maybe not. But she does do a lot! And a whole month without her is going to be HARD!! Yet, we are glad that she got to return to be with her family during this time, and we are praying that the Lord can use her to witness to all her siblings! All in all, Mom is very missed!

Ps- this is wierd... to think that Mom left on a day that only exists every four years?! How crazy is that? it's like she left on a day that rarely happens... strange:P


Josiah R. said...

I will be praying. I hope things go well. Are you going to be the temp mom?

Hannah Marie said...

Thanks for the prayers:) Yep, my sis and I will step in and try to do everything mom does. She does a lot, so thank you soo much for your prayers!