Saturday, December 22, 2007

God is our Protector!

Today was the goodbye party for Ms. Carol and as we were leaving (7:15pm) it was dark and pouring rain. The party was held at the Cunningham's place which is way back on a dirt road. Well, Damarise, Karina, Sylvia, Thomas, Clemilda, Aunt Kris and myself, drove with Aunt kris. about 5 minutes away from the Cunningham's we were behind this REALLY sloww car! So we beeped our horn and passed on the left side. The guy moved out of the way on the left side to and started to slide. Well, we dogged him and slid down into this ditch

we were at a 60 degree angle at least and Praise The LORD we ended up in a ditch with a high dirt wall next to it!! Wow! So we tried driving out and we just kept digging ourselves deeper in. Finally we piled out (poor Damarise was at the bottom of Karina, Sylvia, Thomas, and I! So yah, haha, she was happy to get out! We piled out and into the pouring rain (not so hard then) And started to push. Ms. Carol pulled up with Mom, Sarah, Ian, Andrew, Pastor Benidict and his family, and they said they would go back and get help. Well, while they went back Pastor Benidict and a girl who is living with them stayed with us. We tried pushing and shoving and man that car did not move at all! When people do it on movies they have HUGE muscles! haha. Anyways, this mozambican came out of no where and brought some huge flat rocks to put under the tires (They didn't help, but it was really sweet) And he helped push! And the cool thing was, was that he never tried to steal anything, never bothered us girls, and never asked for money when he was done, which is like something that never happens! Meanwhile, while we were waiting for help to come, we stood in the pouring rain (it was coming down HARD!) So Karina wrapped her arms around Thomas i hugged Sylvia and Damarise wrapped her arms around all of us! hehe, so we were trying to keep warm:) And Pastor Benidict kept saying that we were having bonding time:) hehe.

Anyways, finally we saw a pair of headlights coming over the hill we started cheering, and then there was another and another:D haha, we were like, "WOAH!!!" So yah, it was like amazing to see all the missionaries working together, wow, the body of Christ is AMAZING!!! :D ... Anyways, they all came (Ms. Tricia, her sis, Garrett, Avery, Cornelia, and Mr. Wilfred) and decided what to do. So Ms. Tricia got out a chain and they got it all hooked up to the car and Mr. Wilfred pulled it out!!!(the water was rushing in like SO fast to the car, it started filling up the car up to the bottom of the seats! Wilfred said that when the car was being pulled out he could hear all the water gurgalling in the exsast pipe!) and YEAH!!! We all cheered and whistled and she beeped the horn:) So we all piled back into the car and drove slowly;) And turned the heat blasting hot (we were all frozen!) And sang christmas carols:) It felt like christmas:) It was soo nice:) Anyways, it was an interesting and exciting and an amazing night! We got to feel God's protection over us, feel the amazing love and help of the missionary body, and He even made it feel like Christmas:) God is GOOD!!!!

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