Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grace Like Rain...

The sound of tiny raindrops hitting the roof makes beautiful music. Just to sit there and listen to water come crashing out of the sky one little bead at a time, is like a piano, each key makes a delightful sound the resonates throughout the music. Fact being without the one note, that played, the whole song wouldn't sound right. So it is with rain. God, the astounding Creator, places each rain drop where it should go. Making just the right sound, and together making stunning music.
God's grace is like those raindrops. Pouring down on us. For it is only by His mercy and grace that we are even called children of God. God is the grand conductor, bestowing His grace where and when He chooses so that it will make a beautiful sound. Glorifying Him in everything. It should put us in awe and gratitude and absolute astonishment that God being the sovereign, ever reigning King, would choose to bestow His grace on us. We who are sinners! And yet, because Christ loved us He poured out His love by dying a criminal's death on a cross, so that He could pour out His grace on us! That should blow us away!

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