Friday, July 14, 2006


Have you guys ever read, or watched the Lord of the Rings? Well in the first book *The Hobbit* Biblo goes on his journey to help dwarves find their treasure. And on the way they stop in at "The Last Homely Home" a.k.a Rivendell. In the second book *The Fellowship of the Ring* Frodo and his friends stop there *Rivendell* on the way to destroy the Ring. And every time the author talks about Rivendell, it's always described as a refreshing place and a time for relaxation, and thinking. And everyone is always happy there, and there's never any wars there. He describes it as being a very friendly place. And people are always hospitible. Anyways, I was thinking how NTMC is like that. We come here and it is just sooo relaxing! There's a lake, so canoeing swimming.. whatever. And there's all the missionaires who are just friendly!!! And of course all of our friends from when we went through the training here:) And it's just a wonderful place to be!!! :) And so i was thinking how close Rivendell, some made up place, is so close to NTMC:) .....

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